​Upload images


Take photos of your core trays with any off-the-shelf digital camera, or make use of existing images. Select your tray extents and Core Profiler automatically scales the images.


​Build a continuous borehole


Use the intuitive interface to place depth markers, add core quality information, sample intervals, breaks and end-of-run markers.  Core Profiler then automatically builds a continuous borehole for visualisation and further analysis.

Log features


Log sheets with inbuilt logging standards can be applied to core and observations such as lithology, features and defects can be recorded in a consistent manner by all users.


​Geotechnical analysis


Based on your observations and measurements, Core Profiler automatically calculates geotechnical information such as RQD, fracture frequency, and stereonet plots.


Display and reporting


Core profiler has its own powerful tools for navigating and displaying graphical, log sheet and geotechnical information in a visually appealing and efficient manner.  Data and images can also be exported in order to be viewed in other mining packages such as Datamine Studio RM.


Want to know more?


Check out our introductory video here